Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

The term Digital Marketing is used by almost every business today. We all are part of Digital Marketing directly or indirectly, and we all contributing to it by consuming the data or we are the source of content in it.

What is Digital Marketing?

Let’s try to understand DM (Digital Marketing) in the simplest way possible. We all know about Marketing. Wherever, Sales and purchase take place, any promotional activity, or advertisement is called Marketing.

Now when a business or a brand uses the electronic medium for advertising purpose is called Digital advertising.

Evolution of the Internet has changed the world in many ways. Today every Individual is empowered with the power of the Internet.

Let’s watch the below card from Adam Erhart to know more about Digital Marketing:


Businesses today trying to utilize this opportunity to expand their businesses. When we compare traditional marketing vs digital marketing, digital marketing has more advantages.

The Internet has become part of our lives today. We are more close to the Internet today than our closest friends or relatives. You may ask how? The answer is to look at the number of times we go online for the smallest query we may have or any serious problem we may face, the first thing we all do today is to “Google it”. You Agree now!

Google is a search engine which is the most used search engine around the globe. In the USA, it occupies more than 65% of the space. In India, the share crosses more than 90%.

So, what does it mean? It gives us an opportunity to contact people online. It has given rise to many Social Media platforms for people to stay connected.

We could say that the Internet has shrunk the world into a small space where everyone could be found online. Now this change has given rise to Internet Marketing for businesses.

Every business is trying to do its best to reach out to the customer as per the demand and opportunities it has brought to grow a business or brand.

Now the question is where and how to find your customer’s online? When you are on the Internet, your every activity, your behaviour, places you are visiting, questions you are searching (keywords), and Social Media sites you are browsing is recorded.

This information is key to find customer online and target them by providing valuable information, ads, and relevant value-based content.

We use Google, Bingo, Yahoo to search to find information. And we all use Social Media Sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube etc. to stay in touch with people.

Now a business has many different channels to find customers online. If we find that a customer is active on the facebook site, and he also interested in real estate for investment. Then the people who deal in real estate and investment, they can target this prospect on facebook or some other site which he visits.

How do they target him? Companies target such customer’s with the relevant information through ads to attract him. This is one example of Digital Marketing.

Let’s take another example. If Mr.X is planning for a trip for his family on the weekend. He goes to Google first and looks for the best places to visit or hotel to stay nearby. Now the business who are into hospitality services finds this prospect relevant to their business. Now business and agents in hospitality or into travels do their best to target this customer for the business.

Similar way, the business also use Social Media sites like Instagram for example to build their own brand. They make sure that they have nice pictures and videos on Instagram accounts to look best among competitors. When people find that this business can bring value to them by looking at the Instagram account, they are more likely to sign up with this business.

This way every Social Media platform has its uniqueness. We may have to create good content to be successful.

The more we learn about these Social Media sites, or Search engine to reach out to the maximum number of prospects, we may benefit more. We can take our business to the next level.

We can learn about each advertisement medium on the internet, how it works, and how to use it to maximise the profit. When we learn and know the art of selling with the best stories online with the best content, then the sky is the limit for us to expand our business.

In this post, we just tried to understand what is Digital Marketing and how to use them. We will learn more in the coming posts. We will learn how a Search engine works? How to use Social Media platforms to increase our business? How to create great content with the best stories.

Let’s stay active and use the Internet in the best way possible to expand our businesses by staying up to date with technology.

Never stop learning…We will come back with lot’s more information to grow your business. Till then take care and please provide your feedback on this Article.



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