SEO stands for search engine optimization and  its name explicit  the work which it does .It helps to optimize the website without paying a penny .


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SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO): It is a process which increase the visibility and ranking of your website in the search engines results when a user searches something that is related to website .

Results we get in the search engines is in three main categories:

  • ORGANIC RESULT / NATURAL RESULT: It is easy to see in the result based on engines ranking algorithm.
  • PAID RESULTS: These results are ads based and a company pays per user click.
  • BLENDED RESULT: It is based on search engines interpretation of keywords searched 

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When a user search something (keywords) in search engines, it starts crawling page links, when it encounters a relevant page title related to keywords searched, it returns a list of page links.

SEO can be done easily with some adjustments to page whether is website design , or content that is written which makes website to top search engine results .

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It’s not a complex process once you know how to do this you have to make website user friendly which is conducive in terms of language .

you must give the user what it searches for if you are able to resolve the customer problem through your website in particular terms than you have won the half battle to make your website ranks at top. 

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Basic nature of SEO is brings traffic to your website or reach maximum audience

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