Social media:  nowadays a great distribution channel is marketing. It increases visibility by building a relationship.

Since social media is a long term campaign it needs planning, crafting, and persistence.

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Before starting on social media do consider following  things to find your niche:

  • What separates you from your competitor?
  • that makes you different?
  •  message you wanted to give ?
    • How do you explain the difference between you and your competitor to your audience in less than 10 words?
    • You should figure out the best way to communicate your business.
  • Do you have a team or you are doing it alone? If alone do you have sufficient time to do it regularly?
  • You should have a budget for crating content , should have skills to create contents and capability to do it consistently.

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After analysing above points chose the best resource (time, money, skills) and medium (vedio, content, news) , then start planning a strategy.

Develop a content plan:

  • Do research on keywords that people want to see.
  • Research those particular keywords people search most, i.e, keywords trend.
  • Make a list of annual events like holiday events, industrial events etc
  • Beware of isolated trends
  • Search trends on

Build a content plan:

  • You should organise by month and add content to trending months.
  • Add reccuring annual content
  • You must have a plan for optimal distribution channel such as, youtube, twitter, facebook

Some important points:

  • Be flexible isolated trends and get ahead of trends
  • you should close your topic when a trend’s done and
  • Complete your social media profile, i,e, add url of the site, add an address, description, location.

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