Welcome to our 4th blog on tutorial series of Search Engine Optimization that would take you to the next step of SEO & Marketing:

SEO is about quantity but Marketing depends on qualitative visibility.

Marketing is all about making customer see your business and understand what it is. So it’s important to increase the visibility of your business.

People leave your page immediately¬† if they don’t find what they need.

To increase the engagement of customer with your page as an SEO you need to improve three things:


SCANNABILITY: It is the ability of a page to provide all information to the users in a few seconds of interaction. 80% users go to a web page, scan it and leave it in less than 3 seconds so if your page is not scannable user would not be able to know about what it is about.

To increase scannability:

  • Content should have fewer words and be precise
  • Content should have headings, subheadings, bullet points, and paragraph to make it exact and easy to scan.

Not scannable webpage:

CREDIBILITY: Users find the organized and consistent layout of a page credible.

To increase credibility:

  • The page should have an organized and consistent layout.
  • It should have a good color scheme to contrast text from the background of the page
  • Unique font sizes for headings, subheadings, and paragraph to make it distinguishable.

Scannable and credible web page:

CONVERSION: It is our main concern that makes us money. So it’s important to practice good conversion techniques.

  • Users tend to convert more when they find a clear and contrasted call to action buttons.
  • Call to action should have benefit statement for users, if they don’t get any value in return they would not click on it
  • Consistent placement of a call to action buttons also increase conversion

Take Harvest website as an example;

We see that call to action is placed consistently and it does have benefit statement for users.

We hope that you find the content valuable and do not forget to stay tuned for more blogs in this tutorial series.